Things to do in Prague

Posted, 22nd March 2015

I am off to Prague for a friend’s stag do. I’ve never been on one before so not to sure what we are going to be doing (apart from drinking). I’m hoping I can get a bit of sight seeing done and take in part of the culture while I am over. I put together a few places and activities of interest. Number one being the thing I would like to do most. Anyway enough of this noise, here is the count down.

10. Dancing House

This is a really interesting piece of architecture in Prague 2 sector. It was originally named ‘Fred and Ginger’ and is new-baroque style of building. You will have noticed the structure on the 2,000 Czech koruna coin.


9. Prague Zoo

I’m a sucker for a Zoo. I love animals. Prague zoo is suppose to be really great too with over 670 species!


8. Old Town (Stare Mesto)

Every city apart from Manchester seems to have an ‘old town’. This is in Prague 1 where our hotel will be. No doubt, I will be walking through this area.


7. Prague Castle

This is the largest ancient castle in the world. It sits at the top over looking Prague. The walk to the top is about 30mins apparently. I’ll be sure to wear my walking boots.


6. Czech Beer Tasting

I’m not really a fan of beer in general, more into my Whiskey, but while in Rome… I have never been to a tasting of anything either. It would be nice to get a little bit of history from the Beer master while I don’t enjoy a beer.


5. Hemingway Bar

It looks like the kind of place you would find in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, some may even call it pretentious, Prague’s best cocktails in glass jars in a relaxed and trendy space.


4. Lennon Wall

Also known as the John Lennon Wall, it was a wall that caused a lot of irritation to the communist government at the time. Students would write lyrics on the wall, the day after the government paint over it only to find it covered in more lyrics and paintings. It stood as a symbol of Peace and love until today.


3. Charles Bridge

It is the most iconic bridge in the Czech Republic. I will be crossing this to get to Prague Castle.


2. Milovice, Czech Republic Silo

For the Urban explorer in you, this looks like a good place take photographs. It is about an hour out of Prague by train. The area is a mesh of offices, silos and bunkers.


1. Outback Prague Shooting Range

I have never shot a gun before and its something you cant really do in the UK without a license. I just recently watched American Sniper and I only know two of the eight that are going on this trip. I really hope nobody has bi polar.