Things to do in Berlin

Posted, 31st January 2015

I’m going to Berlin tomorrow for my 26th Birthday, I’m pretty excited as I’ve never ventured there before. I’ve been doing some research into possible things I would be interested in. I’ve listed a count down of ten points of interest.

10. The Reichstag building

This is the home to Germany’s parliament. It is a free attraction, you can get a lift to the dome of the Reichstag and an audio guide. Its recommended to book in advanced to avoid disappointment.

The Reichstag building

9. Holocaust Memorial

This is a memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, admission is again free but you can leave donations. Nearby is the information center that also has an exhibition.

Holocaust Memorial

8. Brandenburg Gate

If you know anybody that has been to Berlin you would of seen them in a photo with this in the background. The Brandenburg Gate is also known as the Brandenburger Tor and is situated in West Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate

7. Zoo Berlin

This is the oldest and most probably the most well known Zoo in Germany. It boasts 1,500 different species and almost 20,500 animals.

Zoo Berlin

6. Checkpoint Charlie

This place has always stuck in my head as my history teacher use to mention the place frequently. It may also seem familiar if you have watched the James Bond film Octopussy. This attraction cost about £5.30 if you want a photo and is the well known crossing point from East to West Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie

5. Berlin International Film Festival

I’m really into my film, but still not sure whether I can attend this. It will most likely take a whole day. Major incentive is a chance to see Scarlett Johannson in the flesh 😛

Berlin International Film Festival scarlett johannson

4. Buchstabenmuseum

As a graphic designer with an interest in typography the Buchstabenmuseum is a must see. Even as a non-designer it still bares interest, apparently every sign has a story. Entry is about £2.50.


3. Photoautomaten

These vintage photo booths are dotted all over Berlin and only cost 2 euros a pop! If you are from the UK you know this is a Bargain compared to the price we pay for our passport photos. You’re allowed to smile too.


2. East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall)

East side gallery is the longest section of the Berlin wall that still stands. After it fell in November 1989, artists from all over the world turned it into an open-air gallery covered in declarations of peace and politically minded murals.

East Side Gallery

1. Abandoned amusement park

Spreepark is an abandoned theme park in Berlin. It costs so much to decommission that they just hire security to look after the place. Maybe it will be opened up again one day. If you are into photography like myself you can break into the place to take photos. It’s been well documented and you will most likely bump into others with the same intentions when you enter the park. Watch out for security though and bring a friend!

abandoned amusement park  Spreepark