Human Human

Posted, 2nd April 2017

It has been a considerable amount of time since I’ve updated my blog! A year actually. Since then I’ve relocated to the big smoke,London. I’m working for Cartoon Network on the Off-Air Team as a designer. I’ve worked for them before but not to this frequency. It has been a colossal change from Manchester and […]

Willows Mechanical

Posted, 10th April 2015

I missed last weeks post, but I’ll make up with it with two for this week (Y) I was working on the design of Willow Mechanicals website. Working from a power point presentation, I thought the best way to display the site would be in a one page format. Each section is anchored with smooth […]

Logo for a Friend

Posted, 22nd February 2015

This week I have been designing a logo for my friends portfolio. He works for an architecture and design company in Manchester so needs something that projects what he does. I created six potential designs and tweaked them until he was happy. It helped he knew what he wanted so it was a fairly easy […]