Spreepark – The Abandoned Themepark in Berlin

Posted, 8th February 2015

The park is filled with the eerie drones of the Ferris wheel turning in the wind. Abandoned in 2002 it has stayed unused for over a decade. It is far cheaper to hire a security guard to patrol the area and keep trespassers off than to decommission Spreepark.


I was staying in Mitte for my trip in Berlin so I will explain how we got to the park and how we got in from there. If you are staying else where you can always catch a S or U to any of the stations in the instructions. It took about an hour using the route.

Firstly from Mitte we took the U8 to Jannowitzbrücke (this is in Hermannstr direction).

From Jannowitzbrücke take the S7 to Ostkreuz (this is in the Ahrensfelde Bhf direction).

From Ostkreuz take the S8 to Plänterwald (this is in the Grünau direction).

Now here is where things get interesting. You will now have a 15min walk to the abandoned theme park. Leave Plänterwald station.


From here you follow the footpath. Here is a picture of the direction you should be heading in. It’ll help get your bearings.


Eventually you come to this crossing with woods on the other side.

abandoned themepark

Cross over here and continue walking through the forest area. After 5 more minutes of walking you will hit the jackpot and arrive at the park!


I climbed over the fence but I would personally suggest to walk around the whole perimeter of the park first to find a opening in the fence if you are not a very good climber. It will also give you time to decide if you want to get into the park and where the security is. It might even put you off all together. But you came this far right?

With the new fence erected in late 2014 you will come across gaps all over the perimeter from previous urban explorers, but expect to get your hands dirty and make sure you find a big enough gap! You would not want to get stuck.

Here are some my favorite photos I took. Let me know in the comments if you have visited the abandoned theme park!

spreepark log flume

spreepark park

spreepark post apocalyptic

spreepark ride

spreepark rocket

spreepark sign

spreepark swan ferris wheel

spreepark swan

spreepark swans

spreepark teacups

spreepark ticket booth

spreepark wheel

spreepark arena

spreepark cabin

spreepark  ferris wheel

spreepark boat

spreepark cars

spreepark dinosaur

spreepark flume track

spreepark flume

spreepark hanna

spreepark industrial

spreepark lion