Playtime – The Final Show

Posted, 25th January 2015

Today I went to visit the Playtime exhibition at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. It was the last ever in the quirky building since it began exhibits in 1985.

The show takes inspiration from 1967 comedy film Playtime and features nine artists; Lawrence Abu Hamden, Niklas Goldvach, Andy Graydon, Naomi Kashiwagi, Gabrial Lester, Shannon Plumb, Jan St. Wern, Humberto Velez and my personal favorite Rosa Barba who created ‘One Way Out’.

Melancholia in Arcadia – Gabrial Lester

Melancholia in Arcadia

On Way Out – Rosa Barba

one way out

Swingtime – Naomi Kashiwagi and One Way Out – Rosa Barba

swingtime and one way out

Swingtime – Naomi Kashiwagi


Untitled (plate tectonics) – Andy Graydon

plate tectonics