Content Management Systems

Posted, 27th June 2015

Also known as CMS, these are life savers for anyone who has little to no knowledge building a website. They make the upkeep of a website easy to control. You want a new page? Click new page and you just fill the appropriate boxes with the content that is needed. No hassle, no coding necessary. […]

Learning With Lynda

Posted, 14th June 2015

As someone who is self taught in design and coding, is a savior. You want to learn about Indesign or any other industry program? Log into Lynda and you will find a massive library of video tutorials. You can complete them at your own pace. I had never used the site until 2 months […]

Willows Mechanical

Posted, 10th April 2015

I missed last weeks post, but I’ll make up with it with two for this week (Y) I was working on the design of Willow Mechanicals website. Working from a power point presentation, I thought the best way to display the site would be in a one page format. Each section is anchored with smooth […]