How to Emulate Shadow of Colossus on PC

Posted, 21st June 2015

In light of this years e3 and the announcement for The Last Guardian by the renowned Team Ico, it has been brought to my attention that I have never played Shadow of Colossus. This is one of their more acclaimed games and highly recommended. Due to my PlayStation 2 being packed away, I have emulated […]

Willows Mechanical

Posted, 10th April 2015

I missed last weeks post, but I’ll make up with it with two for this week (Y) I was working on the design of Willow Mechanicals website. Working from a power point presentation, I thought the best way to display the site would be in a one page format. Each section is anchored with smooth […]

Offline Portfolio

Posted, 29th March 2015

Finally got round to redoing my offline portfolio. The last time it was updated was about a year ago, so seemed like the right time to update it again. If you want to see it in all it’s glory click here or the link at the bottom of the page. If you are viewing it […]

PixelPyros Digital Fireworks

Posted, 15th March 2015

I went to visit the two day event on at Media City square in Manchester. The interactive digital laser display was created by LM Productions and funded by Art Council. The public are given full control to choreograph when the fireworks set off and in what order to the music. The fireworks are triggered through […]

Tameside Loyalty Card App

Posted, 28th February 2015

Clean and user friendly app for the frugal and money saving among us. I’ve designed the UI for the iOS app to work in conjunction with the website;, which i also designed. Since coded it has strayed bit from my initial designs, but I’m still quiet happy with the final product.

Aeolian Light by Squidsoup

Posted, 4th January 2015

Today I went to view the public art on display, Aeolian Light by Squidsoup at the Salford Quays, Greater Manchester. The piece is directly outside the Lowery outlet centre and open for everyone to run through and interact with. You can visit the 12,000 LED bulbs up to the 7th of January 2015