How to Emulate Shadow of Colossus on PC

Posted, 21st June 2015

In light of this years e3 and the announcement for The Last Guardian by the renowned Team Ico, it has been brought to my attention that I have never played Shadow of Colossus. This is one of their more acclaimed games and highly recommended. Due to my PlayStation 2 being packed away, I have emulated […]

How to Use Firebug on Your iPhone and iPad

Posted, 6th March 2015

While working on a site this week, I noticed fonts were appearing different on my iphone than what I seeing on my desktop computer. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could use firebug on your iphone so you can check what is actually going on in your mobile browser? Well, you can!one1!!! Big thanks to […]

Tameside Loyalty Card App

Posted, 28th February 2015

Clean and user friendly app for the frugal and money saving among us. I’ve designed the UI for the iOS app to work in conjunction with the website;, which i also designed. Since coded it has strayed bit from my initial designs, but I’m still quiet happy with the final product.