How to Use Firebug on Your iPhone and iPad

Posted, 6th March 2015

While working on a site this week, I noticed fonts were appearing different on my iphone than what I seeing on my desktop computer. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could use firebug on your iphone so you can check what is actually going on in your mobile browser? Well, you can!one1!!! Big thanks to […]

Tameside Loyalty Card App

Posted, 28th February 2015

Clean and user friendly app for the frugal and money saving among us. I’ve designed the UI for the iOS app to work in conjunction with the website;, which i also designed. Since coded it has strayed bit from my initial designs, but I’m still quiet happy with the final product.

Logo for a Friend

Posted, 22nd February 2015

This week I have been designing a logo for my friends portfolio. He works for an architecture and design company in Manchester so needs something that projects what he does. I created six potential designs and tweaked them until he was happy. It helped he knew what he wanted so it was a fairly easy […]

Audrey II – Little Shop of horrors

Posted, 15th February 2015

A few weeks ago I went to see the Little Shop of Horrors play at Manchester Royal Exchange theatre. I had only watched the film previously and knowing the interior of the stage at the theatre holds a 360 view, I was really thinking; ‘How can they pull this off?’. The answer is very well! […]

Spreepark – The Abandoned Themepark in Berlin

Posted, 8th February 2015

The park is filled with the eerie drones of the Ferris wheel turning in the wind. Abandoned in 2002 it has stayed unused for over a decade. It is far cheaper to hire a security guard to patrol the area and keep trespassers off than to decommission Spreepark. I was staying in Mitte for my […]

Things to do in Berlin

Posted, 31st January 2015

I’m going to Berlin tomorrow for my 26th Birthday, I’m pretty excited as I’ve never ventured there before. I’ve been doing some research into possible things I would be interested in. I’ve listed a count down of ten points of interest. 10. The Reichstag building This is the home to Germany’s parliament. It is a […]

Playtime – The Final Show

Posted, 25th January 2015

Today I went to visit the Playtime exhibition at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. It was the last ever in the quirky building since it began exhibits in 1985. The show takes inspiration from 1967 comedy film Playtime and features nine artists; Lawrence Abu Hamden, Niklas Goldvach, Andy Graydon, Naomi Kashiwagi, Gabrial Lester, Shannon Plumb, Jan […]

First Attempt at Pixel Art

Posted, 18th January 2015

Thanks to Microsoft and their attempt to keep up with the PS4 service PSN+ they have begun giving out free games every month for xbox live gold members. Lucky Super Time Force was FREE! I loved the art direction with the game packed full of pop culture references and a big shout out to the […]

Interstellar Posters

Posted, 9th January 2015

I saw Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar the other day in the cinema, I avoided any trailers, adverts and reading anything about the film. Lets just say, I’m really glad I didn’t wait for the DVD release. It left a really good impression on me and Hans Zimmer created a mind-blowing score. So much of an impression […]

Aeolian Light by Squidsoup

Posted, 4th January 2015

Today I went to view the public art on display, Aeolian Light by Squidsoup at the Salford Quays, Greater Manchester. The piece is directly outside the Lowery outlet centre and open for everyone to run through and interact with. You can visit the 12,000 LED bulbs up to the 7th of January 2015